Whatever your role in the foodservice sector,
you have the power to make positive change, and
whatever drives your desire to move your business forward,
we’re here to help you reach those goals.



Our framework provides a straightforward and
practical means for any foodservice business to
identify the 10 key sustainability focus areas.
Our Sustainability Rating and Food Made
Good 50 survey assess your business against
these areas, under the three pillars of Sourcing,
Environment and Society. Complete this
comprehensive assessment online and we’ll
highlight your current areas of excellence and
shed light on the areas in which you can


Score over 50% in the rating and stars could be shining bright on your menu or in your window. More than 60% will see you boast two stars. Exceed 70% and you’ll achieve the highest possible three star rating. If you excel in one or more of our Food Made Good Greece key areas, you’ll be invited to enter our Food Made Good Greece Awards along with other leaders in the industry.


We’ll provide you with a detailed report based on your priorities and the opportunity areas identified in your Sustainability Rating, which will help record and track improvements year on year. Membership will also connect you to our online community; a bustling hub of collaboration and idea sharing to help you find the solutions you need. Our annual calendar of events also provides a platform to meet (and sometimes eat), learn and inspire.

Our mission is to help businesses operate more sustainably, and our vision is that by doing so at scale, we can help create a more sustainable food system



Our online community hub is a space to interact, learn and ask questions. It gives you a chance to meet members in Greece, and connect to our international platform of over 10.000 members globally, which will be launched soon. Let’s create meaningful relationships and build solutions together. This is supported by our monthly member meetups which will take place at Food Made Good Greece founding members’ sites and other informal locations. Bringing together Food Made Good Greece members and the Food Made Good Greece team as well as external experts, we will chat about hot topics in sustainability, challenges, success stories and (almost) anything else.


Membership will enable you to build a network that helps grow your business, whilst meeting the needs of food service members. This is an opportunity to create change and drive industry action in the area where you are providing solutions.


Membership will also give you the opportunity to speak at events, provide insight at regular roundtables and panels and contribute to our annual campaigns. Talk to us about partnering with the Food Made Good Greece Awards to help raise your profile and engage with the best in the industry.