We have launched in Greece!

As a chapter of the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association, whose work has expanded to influence and impact more than 10,000 foodservice sites, we have ambitious plans to continue this great work on the other side of the world in Greece.

Our mission is to support a constantly growing group of restaurants, cafés, bars, street food sites, workplaces, canteens, restaurants in Hotels and University caterers. We guide, assess, recognise, support and inspire them to reach for ever higher standards of sustainability in four main ways :

1) Defined, recognised and accepted understanding of Sustainability for foodservice

2) A standardised Ratings accepted and widely recognised by the industry

3) Recognition of the best through an annual Awards ceremony

4) Support with an online Community platform

The need for a common, accessible framework and organised network has never been greater as it becomes increasingly apparent that the way we produce, consume and dispose of food is at the heart of many of the sustainability challenges we face, including :

Plastic Pollution – Food Waste – Climate Change – Deforestation – Biodiversity Loss – Water Scarcity – Forced Labour – Obesity – Poverty – Animal welfare


If you need to find more about your business support and membership benefits, please send an e-mail request to



This provides foodservice businesses with a manageable means of understanding, reviewing and acting on the issues that matter. Ten key areas of sustainability are divided under three pillars – Sourcing, Society and Environment, reflecting the need to focus on the food that’s sourced and served as well as the impact that has on the people growing, rearing, cooking and serving it, as well, of course, on the planet.


The ‘rating’ as its known, is the key tool for assessing how successfully a business is addressing the ten key areas of the sustainability framework and for tracking their progress and that of the industry. Once a member completes the online self-assessment, a percentage score is calculated and this is then, for those businesses achieving the requisite thresholds, one, two or three stars. This provides businesses with a third-party accreditation, demonstrating to customers, staff and other stakeholders, including potential investors, a credible assessment of commitment and execution of all things sustainable, converted into Members are required to complete the rating at least every two years.


Every year the Food Made Good Awards recognise and celebrate the individuals and businesses at the forefront of the sustainable food movement. The categories, including one award for each of the ten key areas of the sustainability framework, provide the perfect platform for businesses to communicate the successful initiatives and innovative ideas they have implemented over the previous 12 months. Finalists’ submissions also offer inspiring examples for others in the industry to emulate.


A problem shared is a problem halved, or maybe even solved. The Food Made Good online community is a thriving space where businesses can connect to seek solutions for their sustainability challenges, share successes and communicate with like-minded individuals who are committed to meeting the same goals. Issue specific conversations and threads, alongside the portfolio of accompanying tools and resources provide users with a genuine depth of support on their journey.