Food is essential, satisfying not only our basic nutritional needs but also bringing us together for shared communal experiences. Preparing, sharing and eating food together is at the heart of what it means to be human, and cooks and chefs have always occupied a special place in society, as the artists and architects of our food culture.

But it has become increasingly clear in the early part of the 21st Century that there are problems in our food system. The way we produce, consume and dispose of food has been identified as a key driver in everything from climate change to deforestation, biodiversity loss to obesity, poverty to forced labour, water scarcity to plastic pollution.

As Food Made Good Greece, the choices that we make about the way we work, the suppliers we select and the ingredients we choose, determine whether we are contributing to these problems or supporting solutions.

And as Diners, we want the choices we make about where we eat, and which businesses we support, to align with the things that we care about, whether that’s animal welfare, low carbon or a fair tips policy.

For both chefs and diners, the complexity of the modern food system means that making good choices can often seem like an impossible task.

We created Food Made Good Greece as a membership program for businesses that wanted to confront this sustainability challenge and for diners that wanted to use the power of their appetites for good.

Our mission is to help businesses operate more sustainably and our vision is that by doing so at scale we can help create a more sustainable food system.